why do we pronounce it differently?

The Spelling is the Same, Why Do We Pronounce “-ed” Verbs Differently?

Regular verbs all end with -ed. Why does the pronunciation sometimes sound like /t/, sometimes like /d/, and sometimes like a new syllable /ɪd/? To help you answer the question, find the sound that comes in front of the -ed ending. For example, in the verb helped, /p/ is the sound right before the -ed.  Put […]

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10 year-5

Prepositions: Small, But They Can Mean the World!

Prepositions are small but mighty! Today a student told me that over the weekend, a friend had thrown up popcorn on her.  My response was “Eeew!  Gross!” She looked confused.  What she meant was that her friend had tossed popcorn at her in a playful way. Look at the difference: Throw up is a phrasal […]

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Students of the month

Students of the Month: Debora and Max

Each month, PELA teachers recognize different, outstanding students. These students daily demonstrate their hard work and dedication to learning English, actively take part in class, ask questions, and serve as a role model to other students.  Help us congratulate this month’s recipients:  Debora and Max! PELA:  Why study English? What are your plans for the future? Max: English is so important for […]

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March at PELA

March 2017 2/27/17-3/31/17 Spring is in the air! Even though it came with record rainfall, we finally experienced temperatures rising. Students took a relaxing week off during Spring Break and then returned to PELA for the last week of the term to take their final exams and complete the March 2017 term. April term began on […]

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