Back to Basics: What’s the Difference between Good and Well?

Good is an adjective. Adjectives tell about people, places or things. Adjectives tell about nouns. Well is an adverb. Adverbs tell about actions. Adverbs tell about verbs. For example: This woman is a good boss. She leads well. She is a good speaker. She speaks well. She is a good team player. She cooperates well. […]

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Me my myself pronouns possessive English ESL

What’s the Difference: Me, My, and Myself

Help! What is the difference between myself, my and me? We use myself when we mean “with no other person’s help” or “alone.” I am the only person involved. A: That cake looks wonderful! Where did you get it? B: I made it myself. A: I thought your sink was broken. Who fixed it? Did […]

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There are they are theyre English ESL grammar part 2

What’s the Difference: “There Are” & “They are” Part 2

My beginning students confuse “There are” and “They are.” First, the pronunciation is hard.   To say “There,” your mouth ends up in the position you would use to say the word “girl.”  Your mouth is small and your lips are tight and turned down. To say “they,” smile big.  Show all of your teeth.  (Or, […]

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SOM Asim Sabrina

Students of the Month: Asim and Sabrina

Every month at PELA, two outstanding students are recognized for their hard work and dedication to learning English. These students, actively take part in class, ask questions, and serve as a role model to other students.  Help us congratulate this month’s recipients:  Asim and Sabrina! PELA:  Why study English? What are your future plans? Asim: I wish to [get my] Master’s after […]

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April at PELA

APRIL 2017 4/3/17-4/28/17 What an eventful month we had! We went to a Portland Trailblazers game, the Tulip Festival, celebrated birthdays and so much more! With the weather warming up, Portland is preparing for all of the exciting events happening around town this Summer, and we plan to be part of those events! INSIDE THIS […]

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