(Mostly) FREE EVENTS AROUND PORTLAND, Oct. 14th – 16th

Rainy! Windy! Stormy! Find some fun activities for INSIDE this weekend!

Fall in Oregon means new beers, good food, and PUMPKINS! Before you go out, read PELA’s guide to the many FREE events in and around Portland!

Friday, October 14th
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One last Fresh Hops Festival before the winter time! Fresh hops beers have a unique taste, and this small festival will have many different beers to choose from!
Friday, Oct. 14th at 5PM
Tin Bucket
3520 N Williams (map & directions)

children_dressed_as_batman_and_robin_1966 HALLOWEEN COSTUME SUPPLY SALE!
What will you be for Halloween? If you need supplies (or ideas…), come to this fun event! There will be treats and prizes! Cheap supplies, awesome decorations, and clever costume ideas!
Friday, Oct. 14th from 7PM – 9PM
William Temple House Thrift Store
2230 NW Glisan (map & directions)

Saturday, October 15th
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You need a piñata! Or maybe you need a lot of piñatas! Come to the piñata festival and make your own ($10) or smash one open! (Piñatas are full of candy and prizes!). There will be food and live music, too.
Saturday, Oct. 15th from 10AM – 6PM
Portland Mercado
7238 SE Foster (map & directions)


Come see live hip-hop music by Portland’s many performers. This show is ALL AGES! There will also be a live breakdancing demonstration!
Saturday, Oct. 15th from 3PM – 7PM
Skype Live Studio
1210 SW 6th Ave (map & directions)14612494_10154074415025914_2486593839415494579_o

Sunday, October 16th
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Bill Plympton is an artist and animator from Portland with a very unique style. Come see his cartoons and hear him talk about his very interesting career. (Watch part of one of his cartoons, below!)
Saturday, Oct. 15th from 5PM – 9PM
Mission Theater
1624 NW Glisan (map & directions)