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Must Not vs Dont Have To (Blog Post Image)

What’s the Difference? Must Not vs. Don’t Have To

There is a big difference between telling someone “You mustn’t drink alcohol” and telling him “You don’t have to drink alcohol.” Meaning: Must not means that the action is illegal or dangerous.  If I overhear the first speaker, I think this is a doctor telling someone that his health will be ruined if alcohol crosses […]

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Strangers and Strange People

Do I Know You? What’s the difference between a stranger and a strange person?

“Talk to strangers every day!”  I tell my students.  “If you want to improve your English more quickly, speak with strangers whenever and wherever you can.” Often they look shocked.  “I don’t want to talk to strangers,” they say.  “I cross the street when I see a stranger.” That’s how I know they are probably […]

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What is the difference: Possibility, Choice, and Option?

Many students confuse these three nouns: “possibility,” “choice,” and “option.” How do they differ?   If we say that something is a possibility, that means it is something that could be true. It is something that could happen. It is thinkable. It’s cloudy today. Rain is a possibility. Will it rain? Maybe. Maybe not. Josie […]

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Not the Same: Mistaken Homophones Part Two

Correct pronunciation can often mean the difference between getting what you want and not. Recently, I posted about how the words “hobby” and “happy” confuse many students because of the way an error in pronunciation of the /p/can make them sound similar. Here is another seasonal example. In summer, many people go camping or go to the […]

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I can I will cant wont cannot will not ability willingness English ESL grammar vocabulary

What’s the Difference Between Can and Will?

Can/can’t indicate ability while will/won’t indicate willingness. What’s the difference between ability and willingness? Ability means you have the skills. Willingness means you want to.  Look at these examples and see if you can get a feel for the difference:  This woman can help you. She has the information that you need. Unfortunately, she’s in a bad […]

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