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Me my myself pronouns possessive English ESL

What’s the Difference: Me, My, and Myself

Help! What is the difference between myself, my and me? We use myself when we mean “with no other person’s help” or “alone.” I am the only person involved. A: That cake looks wonderful! Where did you get it? B: I made it myself. A: I thought your sink was broken. Who fixed it? Did […]

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Actually… you may not be using “actually” correctly!

Romance languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese share a close common ancestor with English.  This is both good and bad for students.  A positive is that many words have the same meaning.  They just have different spelling and pronunciation. However, sometimes we find “false friends.”  For example, the word embarrasada in Spanish doesn’t mean […]

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Lets pretend make believe imagine imagination ESL English as if conditional 2

As if! Talking About Imagination and the Untrue

Children love make-believe.  Make-believe is when you imagine that something is true and then act accordingly. For example, the children in this picture might be imagining that they are elves living in the forest.  Perhaps they are imagining that they are princesses in a castle. If you listen to children playing, they often say, “Let’s […]

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