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There are they are theyre English ESL grammar part 2

What’s the Difference: “There Are” & “They are” Part 2

My beginning students confuse “There are” and “They are.” First, the pronunciation is hard.   To say “There,” your mouth ends up in the position you would use to say the word “girl.”  Your mouth is small and your lips are tight and turned down. To say “they,” smile big.  Show all of your teeth.  (Or, […]

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why do we pronounce it differently?

The Spelling is the Same, Why Do We Pronounce “-ed” Verbs Differently?

Regular verbs all end with -ed. Why does the pronunciation sometimes sound like /t/, sometimes like /d/, and sometimes like a new syllable /ɪd/? To help you answer the question, find the sound that comes in front of the -ed ending. For example, in the verb helped, /p/ is the sound right before the -ed.  Put […]

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-gh words ESL English pronunciation etymology

English Has Crazy Pronunciation! Why “-gh” Words Don’t Sound Similar.

The crazy spelling of English reflects the etymology (or origin) of English vocabulary. Begin by watching Claire Bowern’s simple TED Talk on the origins of English. So. now you know that the reason why these endings are spelled similarly but are pronounced differently is due to their country/language of origin. Now, let’s look at some specific […]

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