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What’s the Big Deal about Cheating? Everybody Does It.

 Most of us have cheated at some time in our academic career. We usually think of cheating on a test. This might mean: Copying another student’s answers during a test. Using our phone or secret cheat sheets during a test. Leaving the room to “use the bathroom” and looking for test answers along the way. […]

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Hiking Etiquette (Is This a Thing?)

Oregon is a very beautiful state. It has many opportunities for hiking. Hikers from other countries sometimes don’t realize that just as they must learn a new culture’s etiquette (expectations for polite behavior) for going to a dinner party or attending classes, they must learn polite behavior for being on the trail. [aesop_parallax img=”” parallaxbg=”fixed” […]

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Not the Same: Mistaken Homophones Part Two

Correct pronunciation can often mean the difference between getting what you want and not. Recently, I posted about how the words “hobby” and “happy” confuse many students because of the way an error in pronunciation of the /p/can make them sound similar. Here is another seasonal example. In summer, many people go camping or go to the […]

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Can you IMAGINE?

Can You Imagine?!

What are some English expressions that we can use to talk about things we can and can’t imagine? You probably already know words like possible and impossible, real and imaginary, so let’s look at some other vocabulary. We can use the verb picture.  For example, we might say: Picture a green field stretching off into […]

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