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so vs. so that

What is the difference between “so” and “so that”?

What is the difference between “so” and “so that”? Both of these words are adverbs.  They are used with a subject and a verb to make a clause.  “So that” tells us for what purpose something is done.  What was the intention or plan?  In contrast, “so” tells us the effect.  It tells us what […]

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Copy of Being & Having (Blog Post Image)

What is the Difference between Useful and Convenient?

When students in the U.S. apply to college, they often have an interviewer.  The interviewer may ask them many “normal” questions, such as “Why do you want to study at our university?” or “What are your future goals?”  The interviewer may also ask a much stranger question, such as “How many ways can you think […]

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What is the Difference Between a Gerund and a Present Participle

What is the difference between a gerund and a present participle? Both a gerund and a present participle come from a verb, and both end in –ing. However, each has a different function.  A gerund acts like a noun while a present participle acts like a verb or adjective. Example: snowboarding Snowboarding can be a […]

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