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What’s the Difference Between Last as a Verb and Last as an Adverb or Adjective?

Last is a tricky word for students of English because it has many meanings and functions. When we use last as a verb, we mean continue.  My class lasts one hour. My airplane flight lasted twelve hours. The exam will last four hours. Last is a regular -ed verb. Last can also be used as an […]

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What’s the Difference: Me, My, and Myself

Help! What is the difference between myself, my and me? We use myself when we mean “with no other person’s help” or “alone.” I am the only person involved. A: That cake looks wonderful! Where did you get it? B: I made it myself. A: I thought your sink was broken. Who fixed it? Did […]

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Tricky English Words: Unless and Otherwise

Unless expresses a negative condition. Unless this boy stops fooling around, he won’t learn very much. Unless he takes the pencils out of his nose and ears, his teacher will get mad.  Otherwise expresses a negative result. This boy had better stop fooling around. Otherwise, he won’t learn very much. He should take the pencils […]

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Prepositions: Small, But They Can Mean the World!

Prepositions are small but mighty! Today a student told me that over the weekend, a friend had thrown up popcorn on her.  My response was “Eeew!  Gross!” She looked confused.  What she meant was that her friend had tossed popcorn at her in a playful way. Look at the difference: Throw up is a phrasal […]

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