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News & Fake News

I’m guessing that you know this, but: Don’t believe everything you read on-line. Much of it is fake news, stories that are mostly hype or click-bait, designed to get you to click and share without thinking very hard. The internet spreads information instantaneously. People see something that shocks or frightens them, or pushes their buttons, or even […]

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Using the Preposition “With” to Describe

Adjectives describe nouns. About this picture, we could say: The angry mother scolded her sullen daughter. Adjective clauses do the same. The mother, who looked angry, scolded her daughter, who looked sullen. Adjectivals (in this case, the preposition with + noun phrase) do the same. The woman with the angry face scolded a girl with a sullen […]

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-gh words ESL English pronunciation etymology

English Has Crazy Pronunciation! Why “-gh” Words Don’t Sound Similar.

The crazy spelling of English reflects the etymology (or origin) of English vocabulary. Begin by watching Claire Bowern’s simple TED Talk on the origins of English. So. now you know that the reason why these endings are spelled similarly but are pronounced differently is due to their country/language of origin. Now, let’s look at some specific […]

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