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Some words, like light, might, and right, show their Germanic origins. Some words, like euphemism, photograph and psychology, show their Greek roots. Others like luminescent and primary, show their Latin background. English spelling is so strange because many languages contributed to its vocabulary. Here is a fun video to watch about the history of English:  […]

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nancy and hiro

Students of the Month: Nancy and Hiro

Each month, PELA selects two outstanding students who have demonstrated their hard work and dedication to learning English, actively taken part in class, asking questions, and being a role model to other students. Help us congratulate this months recipients:  Nancy and Hiro! PELA: Why did you decide to study English? Nancy: I need to use English in my […]

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News & Fake News

I’m guessing that you know this, but: Don’t believe everything you read on-line. Much of it is fake news, stories that are mostly hype or click-bait, designed to get you to click and share without thinking very hard. The internet spreads information instantaneously. People see something that shocks or frightens them, or pushes their buttons, or even […]

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