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Why students love PELA!

My grammar has not been very good until now; I was always confused. But I like my SPEAKING & LISTENING class because it can give me more confidence and keep me learning English.
- Vicky, Taiwan
My HOST MOTHER is a good teacher, too! After school, we usually talk to each other. And she is an excellent cook. She always fixes different dinners for me. I feel really fortunate to have such a wonderful homestay experience.
Jen Feng, Taiwan
Because of the teachers, VOCABULARY & PRONUNCIATION classes were dynamic, so it is easy to pay attention and to participate. I think that these classes have helped me to improve my English.
Magda, Poland
I wouldn’t have passed the test without this TOEFL class, that’s for sure! The way they teach the TOEFL was a very good exercise for the brain and is helping me with my classes at university. It was very helpful!
- Anya, Russia

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